Wake Forest Bias Revealed

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

Much as professors insist that there is no bias in higher education, every survey shows otherwise, like the latest sample from The Wake Forest Review. “As a religion and biology major at Wake Forest, John, a senior, chose to take part in the University’s rich tradition of liberal arts,” Ryan Wolfe writes in The Wake Forest Review. “John asked not to be identified because he is still taking classes in the departments we discussed.”

“Along the way, he has taken classes about ecology and evolution, developing secular theories about religion, and the sociology of race in the United States. Within each of these classes, John had to make a choice: share his dissenting, more conservative opinions and deal with the potential costs or stay silent due to the perceived bias of his professors.”

“According to the 50 participants of a recent Wake Forest Review survey, conservative students are frequently faced with the decision and often chose to stay silent. 83.7 percent of respondents said they have had a professor who they felt was biased against conservatives.”

“Of those who said they had a biased professor, 80 percent said they held back from participating in class or did not answer questions due to potential academic or social consequences of participation.”