Warm Globe, Cool Oceans

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

They have been getting colder. “After a steep drop in September, October temps bumped upward in response,” Ron Clutz writes in Science Matters.  “The rise was led by anomaly increases of about 0.06 in both the Tropics and SH, compared to drops of about 0.20 the previous month.”

“NH was virtually the same as September. Global average anomaly changed as much as the Tropics and SH, but remained lower than the three previous Octobers.” SH stands for Southern Hemisphere, NH stands for Northern Hemisphere.

“The ocean surfaces are releasing a lot of energy, warming the air, but eventually will have a cooling effect,” Clutz predicts.  “The decline after 1937 was rapid by comparison, so one wonders: How long can the oceans keep this up?”