We Went to the March for Life: This is What We Saw

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On Friday, our staff writer Spencer Irvine and AIM Chairman Don Irvine went to meet with March for Life attendees near the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C. before the march began.

VIDEO: Students chanting, “We are the Pro-Life Generation”:

VIDEO: Signs at the March for Life:


Don Irvine interviewing one of the attendees on pro-life and compassion toward rape victims.


Front angle of Don Irvine interviewing a pro-life attendee on the issue of life and compassion for rape victims.


Don Irvine interviewing a college student on why she is attending the March for Life this year.


Pro-life students waiting for a live shot from local news at the March for Life 2016.


Photo of the March for Life stage where speakers will be arriving in an hour from the time that the photo was taken.


Abraham Lincoln quote on a pro-life sign.


Another pro-life sign at the March for Life 2016.


Don Irvine and his son Spencer in front of the stage.