Who Do You Trust?

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Apparently if your child draws a flag in class, the student better put it in a circle so as not to offend the teacher.

“The principal of a Central Coast school thrust in the national media spotlight over a drawing of the American flag said a teacher accused of calling the drawing offensive is ready to bring closure,” KSBW reported from Salinas, California on May 13, 2010. “Earlier this month, a seventh-grader at Gavilan View Middle School said her teacher told her to stop drawing a picture of the American Flag and called it offensive before praising another student’s drawing of President Obama.”

“Gavilan View Principal John Gutierrez said he spoke with the teacher for the first time Wednesday morning, and said she is willing to meet with the parents and bring closure.  ‘And if that means an apology, absolutely,’ Gutierrez said.”

Malcolm A. Kline is the Executive Director of Accuracy in Academia.


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