Who is Paying for Diversity?

, Malcolm A. Kline, 1 Comment

While The Donald hits the hustings talking, yea, bellowing, about the jobs America has lost, academia has actually added to its payrolls, but kept mum about who is picking up the tab. “The number of jobs in higher education expanded in Q1 2016 at the highest growth rate for the first quarter in three years,” according to Higher Ed Jobs.com.

Two emerging professions servicing the academic community are Title IX advisors and diversity consultants. The former show university employees how not to run afoul of the federal law which was originally intended to bar discrimination by gender that has morphed into a cover for sexual harassment policies, whether or not evidence exists to support the charges.

The latter group of diverse professionals provides advice for university administrators wishing to remain politically correct, and most do. “Costs range from a few thousand dollars for a one-day workshop to $50,000 or more for a climate assessment in which a team of researchers spends weeks or months studying the institution,” according to Peter Schmidt, writing in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

If you wonder who is paying for this, look in the mirror if you are a parent, or merely a taxpayer. But think of the entertainment value students are getting at your expense. One group, Dialogues in Diversity features plays such as “The Black-Jew Dialogues,” replete with hand puppets.

Photo by Medill DC