Wimpy Professors are the Culprits

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

From The Unz Review:

No matter how you slice or dice it, today’s universities, particularly in the humanities and social sciences, are intellectual wastelands often more committed to propagating the Leftist faith than knowledge. The campus vocabulary says it all: trigger warnings, safe spaces, micro-aggressions, social justice warriors, cultural appropriation, speech codes, and disinviting –while many instructors are obsessed with the Procrustean bed of race, class and gender. Further add the well-paid diversity and inclusion apparatchiki, ever-expanding definitions of sexual harassment and Stalinist measures to impose gender equality and on and on.

Conceivably, as the stench may become unbearable a distinguished board of inquiry will try to explain this debacle mess and there will be no shortage of possible culprits. Fortunately, no need to wait decades for the verdict—the faculty was responsible even if they did not personally inflict the evils. More precisely, all of this happened thanks to cowardly professors, nearly all of whom enjoyed tenure, saw the disaster in the making, and all could have helped strangle the evil it in the cradle.