Youngkin moves to eliminate college degree requirement for state jobs

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin made a major move when it comes to education requirements for many state government jobs: He chose to eliminate a college degree requirement for many executive branch jobs.

The Republican governor said, in a statement, “This landmark change in hiring practices for our state workforce will improve hiring processes, expand possibilities and career paths for job seekers and enhance our ability to deliver quality services.” The move will apparently affect about 90% of state government “classified” positions and will take effect on July 1 of this year.

The state’s labor secretary, Bryan Slater, added that Virginia agencies will be providing “equal consideration to applicants with an equivalent combination and level of training, knowledge, skills, certifications, and experience.”

Youngkin’s move is similar to Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro, who issued an executive order earlier this year that removed the college degree requirement in about 92% of Pennsylvania state government jobs.

This new trend could indicate that the labor market continues to tighten, which means it is difficult to fill jobs, as well as the diminishing value of having a college degree while applying for jobs.

The Associated Press reported the news.