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Campus Report April 2015

Remembering a Real Scholar

, Accuracy in Academia

AIA remembers author M. Stanton “Stan the man” Evans, who should never be forgotten, in the latest issue of Accuracy in Academia’s monthly Campus Report newsletter.

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winston churchill w cigar

Churchill and De Gaulle, Liberty Lovers

, Spencer Irvine

Winston Churchill and Charles De Gaulle were eerily similar political figures, said Hillsdale politics professor Will Morrisey at a recent Kirby Center lecture in Washington, D.C. Both had to rally their people and country to…

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immigration reform hispanic

Do Universities Avoid Secure Communities?

, Malcolm A. Kline

As we have noted, universities take a different view of unchecked immigration than the general populace does. Moreover, when law schools teach courses on immigration statutes, there’s one they might be missing. For example, at…

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tony perkins frc

Happy Holidaze, from New York City

, Tony Perkins

In New York City schools, kids are learning Rs: reading, writing, and Ramadan. Thanks to the far-Left priorities of Mayor Bill de Blasio (D), city schools have added two Muslim holidays to the school calendar…

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wagner v jones frc event1

At Iowa U, a Degree of Bias

, Tony Perkins

Teresa Wagner is a distinguished attorney, professor, and author. The mother of four, who in the 1990s served as a senior leader here at FRC, is also probably the first FRCer ever to obtain a…

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