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Common Core Computer Crack-Up

, Malcolm A. Kline

What do Common Core and Obamacare have in common, other than the enthusiasm they engender in the White House and widespread disappointment they generate outside of it? Both programs have fatal computer glitches. “New Hampshire-based…

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tony perkins frc

Wise Men Still Seek Repeal

, Spencer Irvine

When Americans went around the table last Thursday to say what they were grateful for, ObamaCare probably wasn’t one of them. Despite the millions spent in PR, the president’s disaster of a health care law…

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woodrow wilson

Wilson, Du Bois, and Who is Worth Honoring

, Jonathan Marks

Guest blogger Jonathan Marks teaches political philosophy at Ursinus College. Corey Robin, a professor of political science at Brooklyn College, concludes a recent piece in Salon by imagining how Princeton might distance itself from its former…

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mizzou president tim wolfe

College Demonstrators Aren’t Outliers

, Malcolm A. Kline

Most of the coverage of recent college demonstrations has been largely sympathetic to the demonstrators. Indeed, few sources were consulted who would speak any evil of them. Nevertheless, our November author’s night speaker—William Barclay Allen—saw…

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