Academic Study Scores Obama

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Academic  Study Scores Obama

As if he hasn’t had enough bad news, now the presdent faces a study finding him wanting from one of his key constituencies—academia. “Keith Hennessey, a Stanford University economist, went back over the past 10 presidents, charting the average jobless rates of their presidencies,” Donald Lambro reported in The Washington Times..“Here’s what he found:

  • “Lyndon Johnson, 4.2 percent;
  • “Dwight Eisenhower, 4.9 percent;
  • “Richard Nixon, 5.0 percent;
  • “Bill Clinton, 5.2 percent;
  • “George W. Bush, 5.3 percent;
  • “John F. Kennedy, 6.0 percent;
  • “George H.W. Bush, 6.3 percent;
  • “Jimmy Carter, 6.5 percent;
  • “Ronald Reagan, 7.5 percent; “
  • “Gerald Ford, 7.8 percent; and
  • Barack Obama in his first three years, 9.2 percent.”

Malcolm A. Kline is the Executive Director of Accuracy in Academia.

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