Another Liberal in Favor of Free Speech

, Malcolm A. Kline, 1 Comment

We have noted that the assault on the first amendment on campus is getting so bad that even liberals are starting to notice. One of them is actually doing something about it, and he’s young!

“I can remember a tutorial that I was in, a course on the history of racial and sexual violence in the United States,” Zachary R. Wood, a junior at Williams College said in an interview with the Chronicle of Higher Education. “The professor was brilliant, and I learned a lot from her.”

“But she came into class with the assumption that there was nothing to learn from our founding fathers, nothing to admire about them.”

Wood actually got proactive and tried inviting speakers to campus who might present views not normally shared there, even by him, such as those of Suzanne Venker. He did so at considerable risk to his own safety.

“I was getting messages from people saying things like ‘Make sure you sleep lightly,’” Wood, a Detroit native, recalled. “Watch out when you walk outside your front door,” went another message he remembered.

The Venker event never happened: There were too many difficulties in bringing it to fruition, as indicated above. Nevertheless, Wood has successfully brought other speakers to Williams without incident, including, believe it or not, Charles Murray.