Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Compares ICE to ‘Gestapo’

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To one adjunct college professor– who also co-founded Black Lives Matter– the Immigration, Customs and Enforcement (ICE) agency is like Nazi Germany’s secret police Gestapo. Patrisse Cullors, who teaches as an adjunct at Arizona-based Prescott College, went on the social media platform Twitter to criticize an entire federal agency.

She tweeted, “I.C.E. = Gestapo,” and when asked for a comment by Campus Reform about her tweet, she said the following: “I’ve been reading about ICE’s role in rounding up human beings who are labeled ‘illegal’ by the U.S. government…Many of the people in the undocumented community have been working on their citizenship and are in legal proceedings while kidnapped by ICE. The Gestapo also rounded up human beings labeled as ‘illegal’ by the German government. Both agencies use similar tactics and I think it’s important we name that.”

In recent months, the Left continues to rail against the agency, with colleges steadfastly refusing to cooperate with ICE agents and federal authorities. Several politicians from the Democratic Party have also expressed similar views about the agency, regarding its elimination.

Prescott College’s bio page for Cullors notes her co-founding of the Black Lives Matter movement, and lists the number of progressive awards she has received since co-founding the movement fighting against “anti-Black racism.”