BYU Professor’s Gag Upsets PC Culture Types

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

5068688423_12ca6aff85_b_brigham-young-universityJason Hansen, a professor of physiology at BYU, has been asked not to do his usual gag with college students: make them think they’re drinking his urine, when it wasn’t. This really shouldn’t be an issue, or should it?

“A student drank what she thought was her professor’s urine as part of a lesson on kidney function. The student got extra credit for slugging back a small vial,” Fox News Salt Lake City reports, adding that in a statement to the station, Professor Jason Hansen wrote that he has done this in the past with other classes, usually letting everyone in on the gag when the class next meets, and that part of the lesson is meant to discuss how doctors once tasted the urine of their patients to screen for things like diabetes.

Photo by Ken Lund