California Lawmaker Sees Controversial Part of Discrimination Bill Removed

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

Religious colleges are now temporarily spared in California from potential lawsuits, which could’ve been made possible had a specific provision of a proposed bill had been kept in the bill:

Following heavy opposition from a broad coalition of Christian, Jewish and Muslim college leaders, as well as legal scholars and others across the ideological spectrum, a state senator has promised to pull the most objectionable provision from his college antidiscrimination bill.

But religious leaders and advocacy groups are calling for continued vigilance in the next legislative session, when the loathed provision might make a return.

SB 1146 will leave “suspense” Thursday and be voted on by the Assembly Appropriations Committee, followed by full Senate consideration next week if approved Thursday, according to an earlier email update from Biola University, a leader in opposition to the bill.