Cancel culture at Harvard: Petition wants to ban former Trump officials from campus

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

Former Trump administration officials should be blocked from working at or speaking at Harvard University, according to a petition circulating around campus.

ABC News reported that a petition circulating at Harvard demanded so-called “system of accountability” for former Trump administration officials who apply to work at the university or will speak on campus. This system would attempt to disqualify any former Trump official who allegedly failed to defend democratic principles during Trump’s tenure. Part of the petition said, “A complete disregard for the truth is a defining feature of many decisions made by this administration.”

Harvard University, when asked for comment by ABC News, declined to comment, and it is also unclear how many students signed it. But the university’s Graduate Students Union signed onto the petition to block the university in hiring “blatantly anti-democratic, anti-science, and anti-labor administration.”

The university’s Kennedy School typically hires former politicians and administration officials to teach as temporary fellows or as professors from both sides of the political aisle. But the petition would eliminate any semblance of bipartisanship and political tolerance.

It is not an isolated incident because there was a campus uproar when the university hired former Trump press secretary Sean Spicer as a fellow in 2017. Over 1,000 alumni petitioned the university to revoke its fellowship, but the university stood strong and did not relent in the face of pressure.

Cancel culture is the Left’s vindictive response to the Trump administration, publicly shaming and humiliating people for supporting the Trump administration and opposing socialist policies. No college campus is exempt from cancel culture’s spread, including Harvard University.