Charles Murray Photo in Middlebury College Newspaper Sparks Apology

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Conservative scholar Charles Murray spoke at Middlebury College last year and was shouted down by protesters who claimed that the scholar was a fascist and racist because of some of his past writings on economics and society. Anarchist protesters, known as black bloc protesters, disrupted his speech and injured the guest moderator, a professor at the university.

Several protests were threatened at other universities, such as Columbia University, Duke University and Notre Dame University, after his Middlebury College speech, according to Campus Reform.

The Middlebury College newspaper recently published a photo of Charles Murray, but its publishing led to the newspaper’s editor-in-chief, Ethan Brady, apologizing for publishing the photo, after receiving backlash that it was “triggering” (i.e. upsetting) readers.

Murray saw the apology from the editor-in-chief and tweeted, “Onion-worthy,” which refers to a satirical news site that pokes fun at controversies and societal issues.