CIA is Worried about Europe’s Refugee Crisis

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

At their third annual joint conference, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and George Washington University (GWU) held a meeting on GWU’s campus last week. CIA Director John Brennan gave the opening remarks and interestingly enough, mentioned that the humanitarian and refugee crises were of concern to the CIA’s analysts. Also in his opening remarks, he estimated that up to 35 years of development has been set back due to the current Syrian civil war.

He spoke about the perceived secrecy surrounding the CIA, saying that “The American people have the right to know” what the government is doing, and made a veiled reference to exiled Edward Snowden, adding that “We have seen the consequences when that faith is lost” in the American government. Brennan concluded by noting that “Secrecy is a necessary element for we as intelligence officials” conduct “secrecy for the sake [of national security].”

(This is the same John Brennan who admitted in another setting that his first presidential vote had been for the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) candidate when the CPUSA was a wholly owned and created subsidiary of America’s foe in the Cold War—the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).  Moreover, Brennan admitted that he voted that way even before entering the CIA. Indeed, he admitted it on his polygraph test when he applied.—ed.)