CNN goes full-court press over Trump indictment, ignores Hunter Biden story

, Don Irvine, Leave a comment

CNN, which recently fired its CEO Chris Licht, is a shell of itself when it comes to being at the top of the cable news network ratings war. But its left-wing, progressive brand continues to rear its ugly head in its coverage of the news that former President Donald Trump will face 37 counts over allegedly mishandling classified information.

The assigned special counsel, Jack Smith, said that no one is above the law, even a former president. But Smith and CNN neglected to mention that a current, sitting president may need to face the same level of reckoning as Trump when it comes to mishandling classified information or potential bribery by foreign governments.

Throughout CNN’s live-feed news coverage, there was no mention about President Joe Biden and Biden’s mishandling of classified information. Biden had taken, as former vice president, classified documents to his home in Delaware and at the Penn Biden Center in Pennsylvania. If Trump broke the law by taking classified information and improperly stored them, then Biden should face similar scrutiny by the likes of federal investigators and CNN.

No dice, as one would expect of the partisan federal government investigators in the Biden administration and biased journalists at CNN.

Needless to say, there is also the issue about Biden’s son Hunter, who may have facilitated a bribery scheme on behalf of the Biden family with foreign governments. If Trump’s case merited a special counsel, why isn’t CNN clamoring for a special counsel for Hunter Biden’s alleged bribery scheme that involved Joe Biden and several Biden family members?

The short answer: CNN is a biased, partisan media apparatus that maligns Trump before it ever criticizes Biden and the Democratic Party.

CNN built its branding, under former CEO Jeff Zucker, as the go-to anti-Trump cable news network. As a result, it isolated or turned off at least half of the country, moderates or conservatives, who may have agreed with conservative principles, figures, or politicians like Trump. Its reporting about the pending federal case facing Trump reinforces the progressive brand and will likely continue the network’s downward slide in the cable news ratings war.