College Republican Posters Vandalized while Anti-Cop Black Lives Matter Poster Untouched

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

From Campus Reform:

Dozens of College Republican (CR) posters were torn down and vandalized at Bridgewater State University for the second time, while a provocative Black Lives Matter display has remained on campus for over a year.

Jason Ross, president of BSU’s CR chapter, told Campus Reform that he had finished hanging up some advertisements for his group on Wednesday afternoon, putting the total number of CR posters on campus at 40. The next morning, however, he returned to campus to find that all 40 ads had been torn down or vandalized…

“Whoever is doing this should not be in college because college exposes you to new ideas and a diversity of viewpoints,” Ross added. “If you can’t handle that, you should not be in college.”

Notably, some of the CR posters were hanging next to a prominent Black Lives Matter display on campus, which depicts a police officer kissing the bare-butt of an Uncle Sam caricature while shooting an African American man.