Conservative Professor at UCLA is Under Review

, Spencer Irvine, 1 Comment

Keith Fink, a conservative professor at UCLA, is facing a review by his department that will determine if he will continue to teach beyond the end of his contract as a lecturer. However, it is a tricky situation for Fink:

Keith Fink is considered one of the most popular professors at the University of California-Los Angeles, but that may not be enough to save his job.

Fink has been a communications lecturer at UCLA since 2008, long enough to trigger an automatic “excellence review” by his departmental colleagues under faculty union bylaws, which can result in either his promotion to Continuing Lecturer or his dismissal at the end of his current contract.

According to a letter from Communications Department Chair Kerri Johnson to Social Sciences Dean Laura Gomez, a copy of which was obtained by Campus Reform, nine faculty members were present and eligible to vote on the matter, drawing on course materials and evaluations provided by Fink, as well as other assessments solicited by the department such as end-of-term course evaluations and confidential letters written by former students.