Cornel West: Donald Trump is ‘a Product of American Empire’ and ‘We’re All Responsible’ for His Election

, Spencer Irvine, 1 Comment

The left-wing professor Cornel West was at a Harvard guest lecture and blasted Donald Trump:

West used some colorful examples of what he considered “gangster,” adding, “I’m not trying to engage in some kind of denigration of the public discourse because I’m putting myself on the same continuum. I got gangster proclivities, too.

“Donald Trump is, in part, the failure of each and every one of us in some sense. We’re all responsible, but some are more guilty than others, but he’s a product of American empire. He’s a product of American civilization.”

In his lecture, West decried the “repressive apparatus” he believes Trump has employed, saying, “That’s the neo-fascist dimension of it. It’s not just the attack on the press, but he will be coming for some of us. We have to say like [W.E.B.] Du Bois, like Frederick Douglass, and like the nameless and anonymous freedom fighters of all colors, we can stand,” West said. “I refuse to normalize Donald Trump and his neo-fascist project.”

Photo by Steve Rhodes