CPAC Nixed Facebook Meeting

, Deborah Lambert, Leave a comment

CPAC chairman Matt Schlapp turned down the chance to visit Facebook last month, telling Greta von Susteren at “On the Record” that he thought the conservative confab over political bias allegations was merely a political PR stunt after they got caught.

Schlapp noted during the CPAC 2016 conference that the most important conservative message for millennials was one that stressed American exceptionalism, and an excellent vehicle for transmitting that message was the annual CPAC event with over 10,000 attendees.

However, Facebook’s refusal to publicize CPAC’s message to its millions of millennial users spoke volumes, and led Schlapp to nix the subsequent visit, saying that avoiding answering for their actions by hosting conservative luminaries at their state-of-the-art headquarters wasn’t really addressing the problem.
“When they want to discuss real reform, I’ll help,” he added.