Evidence Suggests ‘Jackie’ of UVA Rape Hoax Made Up Rapist’s Name

, Spencer Irvine, 5 Comments

image via screenshot of Rolling Stone article

image via screenshot of Rolling Stone article

You didn’t say? Well, looks like the ‘Jackie’ saga at the University of Virginia continues to roll along:

A lawsuit against Rolling Stone for publishing a story in 2014 about a young woman at the University of Virginia who said she was viciously gang-raped by a bunch of frat guys — an article that was ultimately retracted by the magazine after the claim was discredited — continues to shed light on how off-base the reporting in it was.

New evidence suggests U.Va.’s Jackie, the woman who claimed she was raped, didn’t justmake up the attack — she also made up her rapist, according to attorneys representing Dean Nicole Eramo, who is suing Rolling Stone for the way in which it portrayed her in the now-infamous article “A Rape on Campus: A Brutal Assault and a Struggle for Justice at UVA.”