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College students staying up nights worried about the future should check out the findings at In a New York Times story by Catherine Rampell, she reports that the site recently released a gigantic amount of data showing the various salary strengths or weakness in certain professions, and for graduates of certain schools.

Based on data that were submitted by 1.2 million users of PayScale, the rankings show that:

** “Dartmouth College has the highest median mid-career salary”;

** “Loma Linda University has the highest median starting salary, a function of their strong programs in nursing, dental and allied health”;

** “Engineering schools produced the best starting salaries” . . . “Ivy League schools are the best bet for mid-career pay”; and

** “The bottom 10 majors by mid-career salary include
social work, elementary education, theology, hospitality and tourism, etc.”

Deborah Lambert writes the Squeaky Chalk column for Accuracy in Academia.