Georgetown Students Receive Credit for Attending Anti-Trump Teach-In

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

One of the more notable quotes from the anti-Trump teach-in at Georgetown University was how, in a post-Trump world, “violence may be necessary”:

Another explained that they cannot work with Trump because “that’s what they tried to do with Hitler.”

“There’s a sentiment like, ‘oh well he’s in the presidency and we have to work together…’ he has literal, literal, white supremacists on his cabinet…That’s what they tried to do with Hitler and it didn’t work…they tried like ‘oh we’ll give him this and we’ll give him that and let him do this’ and then WWII and the Holocaust.”

Throughout the session, attendees listed police brutality, capitalism, ableism, “everyday microaggressions,” and “misgendering” as things worth resisting.