Harvard Professors have Freaky Friday

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

Specifically, they are having a Freaky Friday and demonstrating in the streets, the way students did in the 1960s.

“Thirty-one professors from Harvard and other Boston-area universities were arrested Thursday for blocking traffic along Massachusetts Ave. in protest of President Donald Trump’s decision to rescind an Obama-era program that gives legal protections to undocumented young people,” The Harvard Crimson reported on September 7, 2017. “Professors took to the street outside Johnston Gate in a planned act of civil disobedience, forming a human chain and blocking traffic on Mass Ave. Before the arrests, Cambridge Police officers read a written statement warning protesters that they would be arrested if they did not move.”

“According to Cambridge Police Department spokesperson Jeremy Warnick, the protesters face charges of disturbing the peace and bail is set at $40. After posting bail, they will be required to appear before a judge tomorrow morning, Deputy Superintendent Jack Albert wrote in an email.”

“African and African American Studies professor Walter Johnson, who was among those arrested, spoke of a ‘moral responsibility’ to stand with undocumented students.”

“The protest took place despite the fact that Trump has openly stated that he wants to preserve DACA’s protections for the 800,000 illegal immigrants who previously arrived in the country as children,” Peter Hasson reported in The Daily Caller.