How to Make Small Talk with Progressives

, Malcolm A. Kline, 3 Comments

photo credit: Donald Irvine

Those of us who fall on the right of the center of the political spectrum frequently find ourselves at a loss when trying to communicate with those who don’t.

Accordingly, we’ve come up with some tongue-in cheek conversational stratagems that will enable you to make small talk with true believers on the Left. You may want to try these out on hard-core conservatives first: If they guffaw, odds are, progressives won’t:

  • What do you really think of Donald Trump?
  • Is homophobia the fear of homogenized milk?
  • Do misogynists actually give massages?
  • Is xenophobia the fear of Xena the Warrior Princess?
  • Does LGBT stand for liquor, guns, bacon and tobacco?
  • Does gun control mean using both hands? (Full disclosure: this is a direct steal from a bumper sticker)
  • I’m going to the firing range at the NRA, wanna come?
  • Boy, the Koch Brothers really do some incredible work, don’t they?
  • What’s your favorite show on Fox News?

On second thought, when you do unveil these bon mots on progressives, you may want to do so when they’ve had a few stiff drinks and you haven’t. That way, you’ll be in shape to make a run for it and they will not.