Is The Academy Embracing Fake Math?

, Malcolm A. Kline, 1 Comment

photo by wokandapix

The Left’s long march through the academy may be nearing its penultimate battlesite—mathematics.

Up until now, it has remained so neutral in the Culture Wars that a smattering of conservatives could even be found teaching it. “On a chilly evening in March, students in Cecilia Arias’s mathematics course here at Rutgers University were learning about a concept called fair division,” Shannon Najmabadi wrote in an article which appeared in The Chronicle of Higher Education on April 21, 2017. “More specifically, they were considering the case of Jason, Kelly, and Lauren, three business owners who share a location in the mall.”

“Suppose, Ms. Arias explained, that Jason makes the same amount of money each month, while Kelly gets not business in October, November or December. Meanwhile, Lauren earns most of her profits during that same quarter. If only one of them can use the space at a time, Ms. Arias asked, how can the year by fairly divided among the three without an angry standoff?” The name of the course is “Topics in Mathematics for the Liberal Arts.”

Here’s another question, do you want your taxes done, or your books kept, by anyone who has graduated with honors from this course?