Latino Professor Resigns from CSUN after Personal Views were Criticized

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image via screenshot from CSUN website

image via screenshot from CSUN website

He hasn’t announced his next move, but it sounded like an untenable situation. The College Fix reported Robert Lopez, an associate professor of English, did have tenure and still decided to resign:

Professor Robert Lopez of California State University Northridge, who has been harassed and vilified by students and peers to the point that he can’t stand his work environment anymore and he is leaving his position as an English professor — and the safety of tenure with it.

That Lopez is bisexual and a Latino — and the only male Latino teaching in the English department — means nothing to the campus Brownshirts who have accused of him being a CIA operative, an evil conservative, and much more.

Also note that at the time of publication, his picture had been removed from his bio page at CSUN.