Ralph Nader Compares Black Lives Matter to Occupy Wall Street

, Spencer Irvine, 1 Comment

2948695144_5bfa27b015_b_ralph-naderQuite a wide-ranging interview, where Nader (a former third-party presidential candidate) blasted sensitive college students along with Black Lives Matter:

Yeah, but how far does Black Lives Matter go? Is it raising money for offices and permanent staff? It’s like Occupy Wall Street. They had the same technology. It gets you to first base, and it doesn’t get you further.

OK, well, there’s a negative, which is demoralization when they can’t get there. You’ve already seen that with Black Lives Matter. They’re so sensitive to injustice, and then they don’t see any response to their work. One young man committed suicide. The tension is incredible. And what will happen when the press turns on them? The press finished off Occupy. The minute they were ejected it was no longer news. Not that they knew how to organize anything. Not that they knew how to take any advice from the ’70s and ’60s.

Photo by ajagendorf25