Media goes all-in to report about schools prohibiting LGBTQIA+ agenda in classrooms

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

The mainstream media barrage against parental rights in education and in favor of LBTQIA+ propaganda has never been more evident than in the past year, when the media consistently railed against parents who have legitimate concerns about teaching gender identity to K-12 students in public schools.

NBC News’s latest hit piece, which is entitled, “Florida teachers navigate their first year under the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law,” criticized Florida Republicans for passing the Parental Rights in Education bill into law. The law restricts ideological indoctrination in public schools, but the left-wing mainstream media and LGBTQIA+ ideologues claimed that it is unlawful censorship.

NBC News quoted, at length, a special education teacher in Palm Beach County who identified as queer and said that law was creating a sense of fear among teachers.

The article claims that the parental rights law is too vague and could open the floodgates to lawsuits against teachers and school districts. Yet there was no counterpoint in the article to fairly present the effects of the law.

CNN published an article about Kettle Moraine School District, located in Wales, Wisconsin, preventing teachers from “displaying Pride materials or identifying their pronouns in emails.” The school district, which hails west of Milwaukee, kept the ban in place despite criticism. The school district also prohibits politically contentious material, such as Black Lives Matter or Make America Great Again banners.

Even though activists made a fuss at a school board meeting, one of the board members claimed that 80% of comments from local people were in favor of keeping the policy in place. It is a small school district, serving about 3,500 students in 10 schools, but it found itself at the front lines of the LGBTQIA+ ideological fight.

San Diego Union-Tribune’s headline exposed the media-parent divide, which read, “A school district was given LGBTQ-affirming kids’ books. Then parents objected.” The article highlighted the efforts of a local person who has “helped donate and hand-deliver more than 15,000 LGBTQ-affirming children’s books to more than 1,000 public school libraries, mostly in California.” But in Solana Beach in San Diego, her books received “a less-than-enthusiastic response” from parents. As a result, parents protested the book donations and the district stopped the books from being distributed in school libraries.

The American Library Associated claimed that “schools and libraries received at least 730 reported challenges to about 1,600 books last year, most of them books about LGBTQ or Black people.” According to one library association official, this so-called “silent censorship” is an attack on freedom to read.

Solana Beach school officials adopted a policy that allows parents to have a say in what their children can read, which apparently is not acceptable to the media and school librarians.

One parent, Dana Furman, blasted the politicization of school libraries, “I think that is damaging to children. I think it is experimental. I think it’s going to cause a lot of confusion and problems with identity.” Furman said she is moving her family, which includes three children, to Arizona.

None of the articles properly emphasize that parents, not school bureaucrats or librarians, have the right to parent their children. Parenting norms in society used to include choosing which books that their children can read or learn in the classroom, but that appears to be usurped by left-wing ideologues in public schools.