School shutdowns led to worst education decline for students since 1990

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

The verdict is in: school shutdowns and virtual classes led to the worst decline in student test scores in reading and math in decades. The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) studied the effect of the pandemic on reading and math skills and discovered shocking results.

As Fox News reported, the scores were a drastic drop not seen in decades.

For reading, there was a five-point decline for students aged 9 years old, which is the biggest average decline in scores for reading since 1990.

For mathematics, there was a seven-point decline for the same age group, which is the worst-ever decline in mathematics.

The report, conducted by the Department of Education, noted that students who struggled before the pandemic performed terribly. The report also pointed out that it had been 30 years since reading scores had been as low.

As Accuracy in Academia has consistently said, virtual and remote classes cannot replace in-person classes and learning for K-12 students. Additionally, teachers’ unions and entrenched education bureaucrats have tried to erase the past, when these groups advocated for school shutdowns in the name of public health. But the data is clear: the Left’s full-throated embrace of virtual and remote classes ruined educational progress for years to come.