MIT Global Warming Study Based On Speculation

, Malcolm A. Kline, 3 Comments

The study from MIT that linked recent Hurricane Harvey to global warming didn’t actually examine Harvey.” A new study is making waves in the media, claiming to finally address the question of man-made global warming’s role in Hurricane Harvey’s record-setting rainfall,” Michael Bastasch wrote on The Daily Caller on November 14, 2017. “Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) professor Kerry Emanuel, a renowned hurricane expert, and his colleagues published their findings on Monday, claiming global warming increased the of risk Hurricane Harvey-level rainfall in southeastern Texas grew since the last century.”

“There’s one huge caveat: Emanuel didn’t actually study Hurricane Harvey itself. Instead, Emanuel’s study is based on thousands of climate model runs to find out the odds a storm will bring the amount of rainfall Hurricane Harvey did when it made landfall in late August 2017.”