Mizzou Alumni Group to Promote Unity

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

The ‘Truth Matters MU’ group may be facing opposition from activists on the Mizzou campus:

A newly-formed alumni group is working to change the conversation over racial issues at the University of Missouri from one of “divisiveness” to one of “unity.”

“This is not the beloved Mizzou many know,”   

Truth Matters MU, or #UNITYMU as it is known on Twitter, is a group of alumni that describes itself as “sensitive to issues of discrimination,” yet believes that many of the alleged incidents that inspired the recent protest movement were fabricated in order to promote racial tension, and is offering the counsel of its members to promote a reasoned resolution to the crisis.

“This is not the beloved Mizzou many know,” Russ Jones, a 1982 Mizzou graduate and founder of Truth Matters MU, said in a press release. “How are administrators, and the nation for that matter, supposed to take seriously issues of discrimination when the facts seem to say something very different?”