Northeastern Professors: Health care for Illegal Aliens is a ‘Moral Obligation’

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

Too often, the Left confuses privilege and blessings with entitlements and handouts. This appears to be the case with two Northeastern University professors on illegal aliens receiving health care:

In an interview with Northeastern’s student newspaper, philosophy professor Patricia Illingworth and law professor Wendy Parmet elaborate on their controversial position, which they first presented in a recent book called The Health of Newcomers: Immigration, Health Policy, and the Case for Global Solidarity.

While the two recognize that the United States Constitution does not “establish any broad right of non-citizens to government supported healthcare,” they nevertheless assert that “non-citizens within the country do have constitutional rights, and there are circumstances in which the government is obligated to provide non-citizens with access to healthcare,” citing prison as an example.