One-Party Universities

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

If you want to see what America will look like if universities get to remodel it, have a look at what higher education looks like.

“We investigate the voter registration of faculty at 40 leading U.S. universities in the fields of Economics, History, Journalism/Communications, Law, and Psychology,” Mitchell LangbertAnthony J. Quain, and Daniel B. Klein wrote last month in an article which appeared in Econ Journal Watch. “We looked up 7,243 professors and found 3,623 to be registered Democratic and 314 Republican, for an overall D:R ratio of 11.5:1.”

“The D:R ratios for the five fields were: Economics 4.5:1, History 33.5:1, Journalism/Communications 20.0:1, Law 8.6:1, and Psychology 17.4:1.” That’s right, conservatives and Republicans will find themselves less outnumbered in law school than they will in history and journalism.

And it is going to get worse. “The results indicate that D:R ratios have increased since 2004, and the age profile suggests that in the future they will be even higher,” Langbert, Quain and Klein write.

Langbert is a professor of Business at Brooklyn College, Klein is an economist at George Mason University and Quain works in the private sector on health care. “People interested in ideological diversity or concerned about the errors of leftist outlooks—including students, parents, donors, and taxpayers—might find our results deeply troubling,” they note.