Op-Ed: No, Hillary Clinton Can’t Save College

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

George Leef said the following about Hillary Clinton supporters advocating that she will ‘fix college’:

The key objective of Clinton’s plan is to get more Americans into college, especially those from lower income families, and more of have more of them graduate. Two   mistaken beliefs are intertwined there: that the cost of attending is the main reason why many students from non-wealthy families don’t graduate from college and that getting a college degree would be very beneficial to them.

First, while it is true that in general the cost of going to college has been escalating, there remain many options that don’t cost much at all. Community colleges are an inexpensive way for students to begin their education—two years that usually provide them with marketable skills or get them half way toward a four-year degree. Pell grants cover most of the expense.

As for four-year institutions, there are many public schools where tuition remains quite affordable. The higher education market is like the restaurant market — there are options for all budgets. When people shop around for higher education, almost no one is completely priced out.