Outrage at Amherst College over Dorm Hall Assignments for Not Being Accommodating to Transgender Students

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Outrage mob assemble at Amherst College!

Amherst College’s Residential Life Department had released some recent changes to its housing and “room draw” process for the coming academic year, and it didn’t take long for it to be called out as “discriminatory” to “gender non-conforming” students.

According to The Amherst Student, the RDL had “designated 75 percent of dorm rooms as single-gender in order to create a more balanced gender ratio in the dormitories.” This meant that those rooms would have been assigned “as either for women or for men.”

But, “[b]ecause some students are gender-nonconforming or transgender,” the Studentnotes, “about 25 percent of the rooms [would have been] coed and […] occupied by any student.”