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Rating the Presidents – and Obama

, Paul Kengor

Editor’s Note: This report originally appeared at the American Spectator. I’ve been getting emails from bewildered colleagues asking about a survey of presidential scholars that determined that Barack Obama is the 12th best president in the history…

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Power Poses Shortcircuited

, Malcolm A. Kline

Some theories are so stupid that you can tell at the outset that elites will embrace them: Amy Cuddy’s thesis of “power poses” is one of these. Launched in an academic paper in 2010, the…

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U.C. Berkeley Burns Free Speech

, Don Irvine

Controversial Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos got an up-close view of the intolerance of the left when it comes to speech it doesn’t agree with. This occurred when a speech he was to give at U.C. Berkeley was canceled…

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