Professor, who claimed Trump’s Election was an ‘Act of Terrorism,’ Accepted ‘Faculty Member of the Year’ Award

, Spencer Irvine, 1 Comment

A college professor at Orange Coast College, Olga Perez Stable Cox, was taped by a student when she claimed that the election of Donald Trump as “an act of terrorism.” The student was initially suspended by the administration, before backing down from their demands due to public pressure.

Cox was initially reported as refusing the “Faculty Member of the Year” award last week, but the school said that the initial reporting was wrong because the school had misinterpreted Cox’s response. She, in fact, did accept the award, the college said:

The award, which is given to only a single professor per year, is selected by a panel consisting of Orange Coast College professors, administrators, and other faculty. Stable-Cox initially was reported to have declined the award, but that was later attributed to an incorrect statement by the school.

Doug Bennett, Executive Director of College Advancement for Orange Coast College, told Campus Reform that “[p]revious stories and quotes about Professor Cox declining the award were based on my misinterpretation of information provided to me. Olga Cox will be accepting Orange Coast College’s 2017 Faculty Member of the Year award.”

Cox was caught on camera last year calling President-elect Trump’s election, ‘an act of terrorism.’ Several students in her class reportedly felt threatened when she asked Trump supporters to stand up and identify themselves after referring to them as white supremacists.