Racing to the Top

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The White House is having a competition to give out awards to educators to promote its race to the top program. Maybe they should open it up to College financial aid offices and development officers.

Just a few miles from the U. S. Capitol, where Congress recently voted to increase student aid, George Washington University is staging the annual ballet performed by college administrators as they orchestrate their tuition hikes that coincide remarkably with the federal/taxpayer-funded largesse. The late Christopher T. Warden, himself a veteran journalist and educator and the author of Accuracy in Academia’s first textbook, Voodoo Anyone? How to Understand Economics Without Really Trying, would, and did, predict as much.

  1. Congress passed a big increase in student aid in March.
  2. President Obama signed it that same month.
  3. Also in March, the board of trustees at GWU approved an increase in grad school tuition.
  4. In April, a university official advised increasing the school’s student aid package.
  5. Care to guess what happens next?

Malcolm A. Kline is the Executive Director of Accuracy in Academia.


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