Remedial Radical Professors

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At the Modern Language Association’s 2015 convention in Vancouver, Canada, Susan O’Malley, currently an English professor at the City University of New York (CUNY), lamented that remedial education could not be stopped in New York.

She blamed remedial education for the drop in black student enrollment in Harlem and Queens.  It’s not only students in those two boroughs that are in need of remedial education.

“We are spending billions of dollars trying to send students to college and maintain them there when, on average, they read at about the grade 6 or 7 level, according to Renaissance Learning’s latest report on what American students in grades 9-12 read, whether assigned or chosen,” Sandra Stotsky, a professor emerita at the University of Arkansas, told Merrill Hope of

“She also pointed out that reading on a lower level of difficulty and complexity in high school is reflected in the lower reading level of books that colleges assign to incoming freshmen as summer reading,” Hope wrote.

“The average reading level for five of the top seven books assigned as summer reading by 341 colleges using Renaissance Learning’s readability formula was rated 7.56,” Stotsky said.

“That means, a large number of college freshman are basically reading on a level of grade 7 at the sixth month mark,” Hope reported.