Santa Clara Students Unhappy a Conservative Group was Approved as a Student Group

, Spencer Irvine, 1 Comment

Looks like the free-market student group Turning Point USA is garnering attention from the Left at the University of Santa Clara, so much so that one student wrote over 900 words about why it was wrong to approve the group:

A student-led conservative activism group’s new charter on the campus of Santa Clara University has sent several left-leaning students and some professors into a massive fit of outrage…

Avery Unterreiner, a former Santa Clara student senator who is pursuing a master’s degree in teaching at the school, composed a 935-word screed assailing the decision to allow a conservative group on campus.

“I have sat by my computer for an hour now with my stomach turning and my feelings oscillating between disillusionment, disgust and anger,” Unterreiner wrote.

Turning Points USA is “associated with white supremacists, a professor watchlist that seeks to silence their right to opine in their own classrooms and conservative talking heads who hold blatantly misogynistic, Islamophobic and transphobic views,” Unterreiner also fulminated.