Social studies teacher calls for left-wing U.S. civics curriculum

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

Left-wing U.S. civics education is gaining some momentum, according to a report from the Washington, D.C metropolitan area. NBC Washington reported that teachers working in the area endorsed the idea of implementing a new U.S. civics curriculum in public schools.

A seventh-grade history teacher, Jessica Park, told the local news outlet that history should no longer stick to basic information, such as dates and places. Instead, Park said, “I do believe that that is a lack of proper civic and history education.” She added, “The fact that they’re memorizing facts, it really doesn’t teach them the subjects at all, it’s teaching them how to take a test.” Park teaches at Liberty Middle School in the Fairfax County, Virginia public school district.

Park is referring to a proposed “Educating for American Democracy” (also known as “EAD”) civics curriculum overhaul, proposed by left-wing experts whose findings were funded by U.S. taxpayers through the U.S. Department of Education.

As Accuracy in Academia reported previously, the EAD’s proposal would force federal standards on U.S. civics on school districts throughout the country. It is a blatant power grab from federal bureaucrats to take U.S. civics education and potentially radicalize or weaponize it for generations to come. The proposal would prioritize issues such as social justice, instead of improving the current curriculum.

Research has shown that American students consistently fail to grasp basic historical information, such as the contents of the U.S. Constitution. Overhauling the country’s civics curriculum and empowering bureaucrats are not a part of the solution to solve America’s failure to properly teach or understand civics.