Some Texas A&M Students Push for Mandatory ‘Racial Justice’ Course, Hit a Trump Piñata

, Spencer Irvine, 1 Comment

Oh, hitting a Trump piñata filled with notes of racist incidents on campus sounds very reasonable and tolerant *sarcasm*:

A group of students at Texas A&M is pushing for a mandatory “Racial Justice” class, citing the “historical racism” of their university as the reason such a class is necessary.

Emilio Bernal, a member of TAMU Anti-Racism, told Campus Reform that the group’s recent protests, which have included a Trump pinata, are intended to increase its profile in hopes of forcing the university to act on its demands.

Bernal told Campus Reform the Trump pinata was partially in response to the existence of another student group, Aggies for Trump, and was meant to show others “that we’re not all racist here.”

Photo by Thomas Hawk