Survey: Liberal Millennials Outnumber Conservatives, Less Religious than Older Generation

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Photo Credit: Michael Gaida (pixabay)

The American Faith and Culture Institute published the results of a survey comparing Millennials and the older demographic of Americans and they are eye-raising:

The Worldview Measurement Project, conducted by the American Culture and Faith Institute, reveals that Millennials are, by far, the generation least likely to possess a biblical worldview. While 16% of those in the Boomer and Builder generations possess such an outlook, and just 7% of Baby Busters have a biblical worldview, only one-quarter as many Millennials have a biblical worldview – just 4%!

This startling distinction in their choice of worldview is reflected in various indicators of their lifestyle. For instance:

  • Only 59% of Millennials consider themselves to be Christian. That compares to 72% of adults from older generations

  • Less than two out of every ten adults 30 or older (18%) claims to be in the atheist-agnostic-none faith preference category. Nearly three out of every ten Millennials embrace that category (28%)

  • One out of every three older adults (33%) is a born again Christian, stating that they will experience eternity in Heaven with God after their death on earth only because they have confessed their sins and accepted Jesus Christ as their savior. Far fewer Millennials (20%) share that expectation

  • A minority of adults 30 or older (43%) supports same-sex marriage. However, nearly two-thirds of those under 30 (65%) support it

  • Conservatives outnumber liberals by a 2:1 margin among adults 30 or older (28% versus 12%). Yet, the opposite is true among Millennials: only 12% are conservative while 26% are liberal

  • Millennials are the generation most likely to prefer socialism over capitalism (44% compared to 35% among older adults)

  • While only 6% of adults 30 or older claim to be in the LGBT community, two-and-a-half times as many (15%) adopt that label among Millennials