University of Illinois Department Calls For Abolishing ICE

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The Gender and Women’s Studies Department at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign recently endorsed, at least on social media, the abolition of the Immigration, Customs and Enforcement (ICE) agency and police officers as a whole. On Facebook, the department’s social media page shared a nine-point platform from a progressive group, telling readers that the platform is “something to believe in.”

The originator of the progressive platform was the National Trans Youth Council, whose home page URL is On the homepage, it features stories of transgender individuals and allies of the movement, claiming that these are “stories to build community, find inspiration and transform society. Among the platform demands, the group called for the “decolonization and reparations for all indigenous and black peoples.” Additionally, the group wants to eliminate the “cisgender heterosexual patriarchy,” “global white supremacy,” and “disposability politics.” Campus Reform has many of the details.

In other words, the group claims that “the patriarchy” is too skewed towards heterosexuals and those heterosexuals who identify themselves as their birth gender. Also, “disposability politics” refers to the theory that states use politics to eliminate entire races or classes of people, as the state deems entire races or classes of people disposable.

After the story was made public, the Gender and Women’s Studies Department took down the offensive post and did not comment on who posted the list of demands and why it was taken down. The department’s social media page has a history of promoting progressive ideas and subjects, such as sharing an article from the left-wing magazine The Nation.