University of Tennessee Students Interrupt Basketball Game, then Surround Congressman’s Car

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university of tennessee basketball photo

The thing is, the university’s diversity office (yes, there is such a thing at the Univeristy of Tennessee-Knoxville) doesn’t even receive federal funding, which was why the protesters were upset in the first place:

“Who are we? Vol nation. What do we want? Diversification,” student protesters with a group known as “ UT Diversity Matterschanted during the game before staging a walkout that left a majority of the student section empty.

The nearly 150 students continued their protest outside the stadium where they surrounded Tennessee Rep. John Duncan’s car as he attempted to leave the game. Duncan is not a member of the Senate Education Committee (SEC), the committee that passed an amendment to Senate Bill 2516 defunding the school’s diversity office, nor does he appear to be co-sponsoring any house bills in favor of the amendment, making it unclear why students elected to target his car specifically.

Photo by Capt Kodak

Photo by Capt Kodak