Where ‘Fundamental Transformation’ Will Take You

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image via screenshot on Twitter

image via screenshot on Twitter

Editor’s note: This is an excerpt of a speech given at George Mason University on October 3, 2016 as a part of the Ronald Reagan Lecture Series.

Barack Obama ran two campaigns on the promise to fundamentally transform the US.  But, he never explained what he would transform from or to.

I was born in Cuba.  There I lived through the “fundamental transformation” from Capitalism to Socialism–which I want to make clear was really a change to a communist, totalitarian system of government.

That is the truth even if re-branded as “progressive” or “democratic socialism.”
Marxism is the scientific method to build Socialist and Communist societies, period.  No matter how they try to sugar coat it, that’s what it is.

People with no experience living inside one of those societies often fall into Marxist-inspired fundamental transformation without knowing what it entails.

After Castro took over Cuba in 1959–even though the signs were very clear to the European and Chinese immigrants on the island, who had firsthand experience with Communism, and alerted us–the general Cuban population thought “It can’t happen here, not in our country.”

But, after I left Cuba, I found out from exiles from the Soviet Union and its European satellite countries, and people from China, Vietnam and North Korea, that the techniques of repression and population control the communists used in their countries were exactly the same as in Cuba.

In order for Socialism or Communism to be installed, a proven method is used to gradually take control, step by step, of your everyday life.

First, promises are made to solve long-standing problems.  The solutions sound good.  They appeal to you emotionally, but, if you think them through you realize they could never work.  But they hook many people.

Later, scare tactics are introduced to eventually control those who resist the dictates of the mighty government that takes control over every aspect of life.

The promised equality, “everyone gets according to their needs” sounds good! But what you find is something else.

Lying is one of the tools they use the most.  The real result is a two class system of a powerful elite and everyone else supporting the elite.

The equality they promise may sound good to you, but the price you pay for the inequality you end up with is enormous.

And, the system has a big problem: as a result of so much abuse, low income, demands on the workers and low salaries for their work, the workers lose incentive and production decreases to very low levels.

Therefore, the economy eventually collapses and the working class ends up in lines hoping to get food, while the elite get everything they want.  The system of rationing seems like a good idea until you discover that just because you have permission to buy food, doesn’t mean there will be any for you to buy.

Meanwhile, the elite take over the best houses and apartment buildings for themselves resulting in a lack of housing for the workers.  The working class is forced by so-called necessary regulations or executive orders to share the houses they are assigned to with other people, so they lose their privacy and security.

That is in addition to the meager quantity and quality of food, the rationing of electricity, water as well as electrical appliances, clothing and all of the most elementary first necessity items like toilet paper.
It’s all part of the repressive techniques the communists use to keep the people constantly preoccupied with how to survive from one day to the next.  That keeps the people busy and with no energy to protest or revolt against the government.

You are even forbidden to associate with others or form any kind of group that could plan resistance to the government.

That’s why it is extremely difficult to remove Marxist-inspired governments from power.

A big powerful military and secret police apparatus is always installed to protect everyone from the country’s powerful enemies, so they say.  Another lie!  The powerful military and police are used to protect the elite from the workers.

It’s hard to believe what I am telling you, but there are many examples in history.

Look at the recent case of Venezuela, a country very rich with oil and a strong economy.  But after a socialist system was imposed by Hugo Chavez (directed from Cuba), the economy has collapsed leaving the workers in food lines for hours.  But the oil income continues.  Where is it going?

Now the workers are hungry and lack the necessary supplies of daily life–even toilet paper.

The Venezuelans have tried to revolt many times but have always lost due to the brutal crushing repression of the government and its dreaded police and military.

Many blamed Cuba’s bad economy on the U.S. embargo.  But, there was never any embargo against Venezuela, and the country is in ruins, at least from the point of view of everyone but the elite class.

The cause is the system in place there–communism.

So, what’s it like living Inside those societies where there are no human rights?

You are at the mercy of a mighty government that dictates where you live, where you work and the meager salary you receive, for the rest of your life.  And, whether or not you go to jail.

The Progressives, Socialists, Marxists (whatever they call themselves) do not tell you about any of the horrors.

They paint a rosy picture with free education, free college, and free healthcare for everybody, in order to get you to vote for them.  That’s the first step.

In Cuba, and in all those Marxist-inspired failures, they keep files on each individual from birth to death.  Based on the information in the file, officials decide where you live, what you are allowed to study, what kind of job is assigned to you and what you eat.

I’m sure this is unbelievable to you Americans.  But it’s true.

You quickly realize, you can’t trust anybody because you don’t know who is an informer.  Not even members of your own family.  When I left Cuba, just my mother, my father and my aunt knew.  I was afraid to tell anyone else.  I couldn’t explain or even say goodbye.

If you talk to other people in other communist countries, it’s always the same.  People live in fear 24/7.

So far no one has been able to apply Marxism without it ending in economic failure for the workers and a totalitarian repressive system where people are deprived of individual freedoms.
That creates a very strange state of mind and you grow up with new principles and ways of thinking that are completely different from people who live in free, democratic societies where individuality and privacy are respected.

I remember that the Marxists in America in the 1980s and 90s used to say that people from the Soviet Union were just like us.  That is far from reality.

They were not like us because they grew up in a completely different environment without access to freedom or the free flow of information.

The Cubans of today educated under communism are completely different from me, my parents and others of the pre-Castro Cuba.  They simply do not have the same principles because they learn to lie and steal in order to survive.  So, they have no work ethic.

I do not want those new Cubans coming to the U.S. now because they are causing problems–milking U.S. social services and committing crimes, some of them because that’s what they are used to, in order to survive in Cuba.

And, of course, having them come here helps with the “fundamental transformation,” as Barack Obama calls it, of the U.S.

In the United States, believers in Marxism have managed to penetrate the academic world.  This is another part of the Marxist process to install communism here.
Today Marxists are in place from the elementary to university level, teaching their old, obsolete ideology.

So it is not a new and improved ideology.  It is imposing an old theory that invariably ends up in slavery.  Yes, slavery.

I find it extremely contradictory that in the U.S., a Capitalist country, there are so many Marxist professors in the learning centers.

Capitalist societies advance and prosper but communist societies become stagnant while everyone becomes equally poor–except the ruling elite.  However, the elite is not safe because their status can change from one minute to the next at the whims of the ruler.

Marxism is the opposite of the foundation of this country.  Let me say that again, Marxism is the opposite of the foundation of this country, the greatest country in the world.  It is an enemy of America and all the freedoms we hold dear.

I ask, why are Marxists teaching the children of America? It is completely asinine!

It explains why so many young people supported Bernie Sanders, a self-declared Socialist!  Socialism is the first step to Communism.

Do millennials know what would happen to them if the U.S. is fundamentally transformed into a Communist society?  I sincerely think they do not know.
Due to the education they have been receiving from these Marxist professors, I can understand the interest in a self-professed “progressive,” like Hillary Clinton.

It is shocking how these so-called Marxists, so-called “progressives,” have been subverting your American way of thinking.

What the gullible have been induced to support is something that will eventually erase all your freedoms.

Marxists inside the educational system and the liberal media are doing a big number on all of you.

They have misinformed and distracted most of you with Hollywood and sport personalities, pop music icons, reality shows, talent contests, video games and other trivialities while in the background they are advancing their Marxist progressive agenda.

The new generation of Americans, who eventually live under those so-called “liberal,” “progressive” or “democratic socialist” systems they think they want, will end up experiencing the same inescapable oppression that people who have lived under communism know very well.

Many of you will not survive.

According to Europe’s Black Book of Communism and Washington, DC’s Communist  Victims Memorial Foundation, communist regimes all over the world had, by 1997, exterminated 100 million people and are still counting today.

“Liberal” and “Progressive” are just two positive sounding words hijacked by Socialists and Communists.  So do not get confused by their benign sounding words.
It is a ruse that sooner or later will end in the same place.

The time when “liberals” believe in liberty is gone.

Today’s liberals, progressives or whatever “disguise” they want to use, are elitists  who think “they know what is best for you the little people” and believe in big mighty government dictating your life.

The progressive do not believe in progress because they lead you to a system of the past called “slavery.”

They will impose a mighty Fascist Marxist totalitarian Communist regime with them at the top having everything that is denied to the little people, their slaves (the deplorables?).

They will take you to the same place: an oppressive society where despair and hopelessness prevail.

“Liberals,” “progressives” or the so-called “democratic socialists” have sold out to a failed obsolete foreign ideology that is the opposite of The Declaration of Independence.

I want to say to all of you: Don’t ever think again that “it won’t happen in America,” because it is happening little by little under your very noses.

So wake up!  Open your eyes!  Learn from history!

Read the Declaration of Independence and go back to our foundation “WE THE PEOPLE.”

The government works for you.  You don’t work to keep the ruling elite living in luxury.  The government is your servant. You pay their salaries.