40% of College Students are Over the Age of 25

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Wow…read it for yourself:

In today’s rapidly shifting economy, Americans now know that keeping their skills and education fresh is a lifelong imperative. The proportion of “adult learners” has exploded in recent years, and students over the age of 25 now make up more than 40% of the nation’s college students.

One increasingly popular way for workers to boost their skills is to acquire one of a burgeoning number of “certificates,” “certifications,” “badges” and other professional credentials in addition to or in lieu of an old-fashioned college degree. According to the nonprofit Workcred, more than 4,000 organizations – including colleges and universities – now offer some sort of professional credential.  And in 2012-13, says the U.S. Department of Education, institutions conferred 966,084 certificates to students, nearly double the number granted in 1998.