For Illinois school, no opt outs for ‘Gender and Sexuality Program’

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

A high school student in Illinois is facing off against her school over mandatory participation in the school’s “Gender and Sexuality Program.” The program is mandatory for all students to attend.

The Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy is allegedly telling student Marcail McBride to attend the program despite her religious objections. Her family has requested a religious accommodation for months, which has not been granted by the school.

First Liberty Institute, a legal organization dedicated to defending religious liberty, is representing McBride in the complaint. The organization penned a letter in defense of McBride’s religious accommodation request. Their main argument is that a school should accommodate parents’ and students’ requests, as mandated by federal and state laws. First Liberty Institute counsel Keisha Russell told the Todd Starnes Show that “[P]arents under Illinois law are allowed to exempt their kids from any sexual education that they don’t agree with.”

The school in question will not let its students graduate unless they complete the program. The program allegedly includes content that compels students to become allies of the LGBTQ+ movement, regardless of the students’ beliefs.

It is becoming a trend in public schools to teach LGBTQ+ content and political advocacy, in the name of fairness, equality, and inclusiveness. However, it is up to the parents to discuss these issues with their children. It is not the state’s responsibility, nor is it up to school administrators or educators to impose their beliefs and ideologies on children.